Sunday, February 17, 2008


A collaboration between Thailand Creative & Design Center and the Victoria & Albert Museum, the "Vivienne Westwood" exhibition reflects the evolution of her designs - from the outrageous punk rock style of the '70s, to the "neo-romantic" designs inspired by classical costume during the '80s, and then the one-of-a-kind elegant style since the '90s to the present day, which has earned her world acclaim.

Her designs combine a fearless unconformity with a sense of tradition. She is renowned for her gentle parody of Establishment styles, her use of very British frabrics such as Harris tweed and tartan, her re-use of historic garments such as the corset and crinnoline. Yet, her approach has always been practical, driven by a curiosity about how things work, a process she describes as "learning through action"

Westwood's inventiveness is revealed in over 150 exhibits. largely taken from her personal archive and the V&A's collections It spans the extremes of fashion, from the streets of London to the Parisian catwalks, and her own evaolution from subversive shop owner of fashion doyenne.

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