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Author: Carla San Gaspar

The postcard design makes it a great direct-mail-marketing tool that lets you keep your communication line with your customers open. With an appropriate and sufficient design, you can successfully relay clear-cut messages, establish your brand identity better, and even bring your business to life, among others.Emotional responses with creative designsMore than this, you can use your postcard design to create an emotional connection with your clients that builds the foundation of brand loyalty. When you want your business to be seen as part of your customers’ way of life, you have to find a way to connect with your customers’ own way of life.
1. Use pictures to put your products in your customers’ context. When customers think about buying their products, they think about what’s in it for them. When your customers think about purchasing a product, what they think about are ways they can use the product to improve their lives.
2. Photographs and graphics tell stories faster and more eloquently than your text. Make the customers’ tasks of imagining the possible use of your product and present them in pictures. For example, jewelry in a display shelf can look like a fortune, but when shown in the hands of a loved one is priceless. Use pictures to harness the power of suggestion.
3. Talk to your customers as you would a friend. Make your postcard sound like an enthusiastic friend telling you about a great shopping find instead of a used car salesman. Avoid hyped up words that set too high expectations that are impossible to meet.
4. “Break-though developments” “wonderkind”, “new and improved” these phrases sound important but hardly mean anything. Worse, they raise red flags that keep your customers on the defensive.
5. Simply tell your customers in plain and simple terms what they can benefit from your products or services. Use bullet points and numbers to make your text flow more smoothly.
6. Design postcards as mini-posters. Collecting postcards is among the most popular hobbies in the world. Tourists collect and buy postcards as a souvenir from their trip. There plenty of open groups too where postcard exchange clubs are widespread. You can use this to design your colored postcards in an attractive way that ensures your postcard is kept and even exchanged.
7. Create powerful postcards by using powerful pictures. These are often photographs, digital art, or graphics that are open to interpretation and invite customers into a conversation. They can range from modern to contemporary styles which can house multiple layers of meaning and are intriguing.
Postcards, after all, are more than business or marketing material.The problem with most advertisements is that they always push for the bottom line treating customers as mere statistics in their ledgers. As a small business owner, you can engage with your customers individually and try to personalize your services. You know your best customers and you can connect to them in more intimate ways. Send out postcards on their birthdays, know the value of maintaining a personal connection and extend courtesy through postcards. Do all these and translate your postcard design into creating that emotional connection that builds up your client relationship for the long run.

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