Sunday, February 20, 2011


Chinese traditional operas, of a long history and well established, is one of the cultural and artistic forms of the Chinese nation. It is a comprehensive form of art incorporating various kinds of arts.

Chinese traditional operas are multitudinous in local types of drama. These ancient types of drama are still active on China's stages today. Of all the traditional types of drama, Peking Opera is the most influential. Emerging in Peking some two hundred years ago and popular throughout the country. Peking opera has a rich array of more than five thousand traditional items, mostly depicting ancient stories in China in the opera are roughly divided into five types of role, namely: Sheng (the young male character type), Dan (the female character type), Jing (the "painted face" character type), Mo (the old male character type) and Chou (clown). The main performing skills consist of singing, speaking, acting and martial arts. Peking opera has developed into a comprehensive art system. It is symbolic, implicative, stylized and decorative.

After more than two hundred years of development, Peking Opera now boasts of many schools and masters of performing art. Each school has its own outstanding features and their performing skills are deeply loved by the audience.

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