Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Female panda Lin Hui, whi has been on loan from China to Chiang Mai zoo since 2003, gave birth to a healthy cub on Wednesday morning. (27/05/2009) It is the first successful artificial insemination of a panda by a Thai veterinarian team.

The Zoological Park Organization (ZPO) are invited to vote for the best name among the last four selected names by sending a special panda postcards designed to the ZPO to contest for one million baht of cash prizes and a car. The winner will be announced in August. The baby panda will be be given the name that receives the most votes.

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SLLiew said...

Wow..really cute baby panda. I heard about the birth. Born in Chiengmai. Property of China. All overseas born pandas belong to China by contract. Anyway, great to spread the joy of pandas around the world. Thanks for sharing these postcards. SL